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Consider This Factor Before Buying a Vehicle

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Don’t make the mistake of buying a vehicle before looking into the cost of auto insurance.

Are you looking to buy a vehicle for yourself or a family member? One of the most common insurance mistakes is buying a vehicle before looking into the cost of insurance.  The type of vehicle can have a major impact on the cost of insurance.  Many people look at the cost of the car and their payment but don’t put any forethought into what the insurance cost will be. This is a really important consideration for young drivers under the age of 25.  We would recommend you make a list of 3 or 4 models of vehicles you are considering and check them first on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash rating.

Safety Rating

Typically, if they are a highly rated vehicle, ideally with 5 stars, the insurance costs will be favorable compared to other models with lower ratings. I have a teenager getting ready to turn 16, and we are only looking at used cars with the 5-star crash rating.  Once you have your list, you should reach out to your insurance agent and check the costs of each vehicle.  This will give you the total cost for each vehicle you are looking at and will help you factor this information into your buying decision.

Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision to make, and we know that your family’s safety is of utmost importance. For more information about auto insurance, click here.

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